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Cobblestone Restaurant 4337 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60618

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Name and Premises

The name of our establishment – Cobblestone – signifies the connection between the old and new continents, as European cities and towns are commonly paved with granite cobbles, a beautiful piece of Middle Age architecture. The restaurant’s doorstep and sidewalk café floor have been made of old granite cobbles – a design that symbolizes our European ties. We have revamped the façade and outdoor space and currently accommodate 86 guests indoors, 43 guests on the sidewalk café, and 38 guests in the rear patio, for a total of 167 seated guests.


Cobblestone’s indoor premises feature a somewhat rustic, yet cozy décor to provide guests with a casual communal ambiance for an undisturbed pleasant conversation. The sidewalk café is open year-long and is covered with a retractable canopy while warmers are set up in the winter. This open yet inviting setting provides for a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for our guests to enjoy. Our patio section is more enclosed and lends itself to a more comfy vibe. Our goal is to consistently deliver the message of hospitality while creating emotional connections with guests, building relationships, and fulfilling the human need for being acknowledged. Our priority is to assure that every guest feels personally welcomed, encouraged, and connected. The idea is simple: to nurture well-being in others through hospitality, connection, and excellent food and beverage service.

Culinary Team

Executive Chef Ian Schuster is our home grown talent. Born and raised in the Northwest region of the city, he draws a great deal of influence from the many food traditions that can be sampled in the area. While working to achieve a balance between creativity and comfort, a goal of his is to tread forward while always leaving you with a signature sense of warmth. Ian has spent a great deal of time in Chicago’s vibrant hospitality industry and utilizes the knowledge he has gained to perfectly pair libations with any dish of choice. There is nothing limiting Chef Ian’s autodidactic drive to push the creative boundaries of cuisine served at Cobblestone.

Ian Schuster

Our Food

While some former fan favorites from 2020 have remained on the menu, we have added and assortment of new delicious dishes and upgraded and diversified the menu. You can expect a slightly elevated and lighter take on European cuisine through a variety of vibrant appetizers and shared plates, along with unique entrées, and desserts. Signature items include Cider braised pork belly, Fish and chips, Grilled shrimp, Mussels, Braised short rib, and lamb/beef Cobblestone Bistro burger. Vegetarian options are embraced with servings like Cauli-Mac, Grilled Romaine, and Farro-Arugula salad. Conclude any meal in true European fashion with traditional coffee service, Skillet apple crisp, Warm butterscotch fudge bar and other delectable deserts.

This vibrant dinner concept translates into our brunch menu and we hope you will enjoy the robust brunch experience at Cobblestone. Brunch offerings will include a combination of a classic buffet and exclusive sit-down plates. Brunch beverages will comprise of guest-made mimosas and Bloody Mary’s as well as non-alcoholic house-brewed lemonades.

Our Drinks

While an extensive cider list remains a staple of the venue, we have built upon our prior experience and set to notably enhance Cobblestone’s beverage program. We have expanded the beer selection to include European and local craft beers (draft, bottled, and canned) and a variety of curated delightful European specialty cocktails. Eclectic wine selection and suggested pairings complement the diverse fare.

Meet the Owner

The owner of Cobblestone, Markus Chwajol, is a seasoned restaurateur and operator in Chicago. He is the founder of the nationally acclaimed Bohemian House (BoHo), a frequented restaurant in River North that for five years thrived on serving up a mix of Czech, German, Hungarian, and Austrian cuisine with a touch of modern American flavor. With his passion for the hospitality industry growing deeper after the sale of BOHO in March 2019, Markus set out to develop a new concept for showcasing innovative European cuisine and selected to do so in the bustling North Center neighborhood of Chicago.

“We envision a wonderful, friendly, exciting, and vibrant community restaurant where people can enjoy a nice conversation in a relaxed ambiance, receive a great meal, and bring along their children as well. If you are not in the mood for or tired of pizza and burgers, Cobblestone inspires to be your local restaurant to go to” says Markus (Chicago Tribune, March 2020).

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